LaVieLente Customized Sleeveless Shirt Alpaca Dress Dress Above Knee Length w/Stretchable Waist Design

$29.80 $32.50
Color: Midnight Blue
  • Shirt Dress, Button-Down, Sleeveless, Novelty Print, Work Casual, Teacher's Favourite Clothes, Animal Print, All-Season, Above Knee Length, Bottom Lined Skirt, Stretchy Waist, Casual Dress
  • COMFY FABRIC: Thankful to pick this dress from your closet that provides you with comfort all day long. This flowy dress is made of chiffon-like polyester based on the print that is so breathable you can just sink into it and relax. Being lightweight, it not only makes moving around easy but also washes well, making it a low maintenance outfit. The fabric is not stretchy, but fits well, ensuring you do not run the risk of wearing something that clings to your skin on the hottest d
  • FUN GRAPHIC: Who does not love cute animal print, especially the cute alpaca, which are some of the most beautiful aspects of the onset of spring? How would you like it if your spring dress is full of such cute animal prints? If this brings a big smile to your face, then this dress is a must-buy for you.
  • CUTTING & FIT: Boasting a sleeveless design. To add to it, this collared dress has cute little buttons at the front that should turn a few heads soon as you leave your house. The ease of use of this dress is further heightened by its elastic waistband. If you are going through a long or highly active day, the waistband ensures you feel light and relaxed throughout. The best part of this dress is that it is half-lined, which means there is an attached skirt-slip under the lower half of the dress.
  • MIX & MATCH: Although you could carry this midi dress just by itself, it would also look gorgeous when paired with denim or leggings for a day at school. Transform this summer dress to a fall dress with ease by wearing your favorite jackets or cardigans on top. Charm people around by accessorizing with some funky jewelry to match the color of the prints and the radiant, white look of the dress.

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